If you are into roleplaying or fantasy art it's very likely you have at least heard of Larry Elmore, he is the one who did the famous D&D red box and set the tone for D&D art for years.
He is also a very personable and approachable guy, bot T. and I were stunned by his friendliness and down-to-earth attitude a few years ago when we met him at GenCon.

The news is that he is planning to do a full-color art book including most of his pieces, and is crowdfunding it through Kickstarter.
(it's already a few times above the set sum), it's good to see more and more established creatives taking the crowdfunded route.

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Here is the last 20-postcard booklet:

Auspicious Chinese Patterns (papercut)

cutout patterns

Auction runs till midnight GMT on Wednesday the 22nd

Please comment to place a bid

Payment via Paypal as soon as your bid is confirmed as the winning one.

The Pe'Sla Indie GoGo campaign

As you might have heard, the Lakota Sioux are trying to raise enough money to buy as much as possible of land they hold sacred, which is going to be auctioned off on August the 25th.

They have a IndieGoGo campaign going, I've contributed what I can but I'd like to do a bit more, so I'm auctioning off 4 sets of themed, original Chinese postcards, the auction will go on till Wednesday, midnight GMT, payment accepted via PayPal only.

I'll cover shipping everywhere in the world, each 20-postcard set will be in a different entry in my LJ, to bid please comment on the relevant entry, if you'd like to help but can't bid, please boost the signal.

First lot:

"Customs of Old Shanghai" 20 black-and white postcards, reproductions of paintings of the late Qing dinasty

Here is a sample image:

old shanghai

The poscards are glued together on one side and can either be detached and used or kept as a mini-artbook.

I'm back

Aug. 14th, 2012 10:29 pm
And I admit it in public: I fell head over heels for Rome, that city gets her hands on you and doesn't let go.

It's incredible. Not only the museums (statues everywhere, and mosaics, and paintings, and all those bronzes, oh, Lord! All those ancient bronzes!), but the stratification of history everywhere within the 'old' quarters, knowing that while one walks around one is threading in the footsteps of Caesar, Cicero, Horace, Gregory VII, Michelangelo, Raphael, Cellini; saints and sinners, artists, poets, musicians, princes and agitators, artisans and imperators.

One reads about her (forgive me, but Rome is, without any doubt, female), learns her history; the language of her citizens spread through alliances and conquests, one can well hate the rethoric sourrounding her, the ruthlessness of her wars, the appropriation of everything Greek and Egyptian (not a single philosophical school was originally Roman, for instance), and then this sorceress of a city unleash her charms...and that's it. Just like countless others who went there through the centuries, one fells in love in the space of a single afternoon.
The Vatican Museums are beyond description (we felt somewhat sorry for the modern art collection, sadwiched between the Raphael Rooms and the Sistine Chapel), as are the Capitoline Museums, but simply walking around one can be surprised, turning a corner, by Pasquino  , or the Temple of Hercules Victor or the Column of Trajan...

I naively believed that Rome would be somewhat just a bigger Verona (there are a lot of similarities between the two, honestly), but she disabused me of the notion immediately, I think I've a fair idea, now, how Vergilius and Catullus felt when they first set eyes on the Caput Mundi .

Capitoline museums
As you may know, a few prompts bouncing back and forth between [livejournal.com profile] thesilentpoet , [livejournal.com profile] ysabetwordsmith and myself started a conversation that originated the Silk Road Allies alternate history project. The project now has a community on Live Journal for discussions, sharing of resources, communal world-building and posting of 'in setting' material (including a couple of new poems of mine, not previously published on LJ).

If you enjoyed our previous works and want to read more come over to [livejournal.com profile] silkroadallies and make yourself confortable, if you think you might like to contribute something to the setting (prose, poetry, visual arts, music and crafts are all welcome) ask to join, membership is moderated but we'll get you approved as fast as we can.

And if you like the idea, but aren't sure about getting involved, signal boosting is really appreciated.

Thank you.
The gaming world, that is, if things go according to plan.

Both hubby and I are Magic the Gathering players (nothing more competitive than the basic tournaments held by our local game store), and illustrating for Magic is a long cherished dream of his.
So hubby has decided to work on portfolio pieces for submission to Wizards of the Coast, offering his own take on iconic cards, first in line is Royal Assassin

A couple of details

below the cut )
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Hubby's contact in Fantasy Flight Games asked their legal department about Zazzle's 'infringment of copyright' claims, the results are in:

It appears that HBO owns ALL rights to 'A Game of Ice and Fire' merchandising, no matter what. Fantasy Flight's products are protected but, even though they have a pre-existing license, own the art and granted artists the right to sell prints of the commissioned art in their contracts...

...if the artists actually do so they are in breach of HBO rights.

Unless they remove any reference to the IP in the titles and blurbs, for instance turning 'so and so' named character into 'knight'. 

Honestly for a split second I thought it was a joke, it feels like we have landed in Kafka-land
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As some of you know, a short time ago my husband opened a Zazzle shop, one of the reasons was the possibility to offer for sale prints of his 'A Game of Thrones' works in sizes which we aren't able to print at home.

Well, we received an email from Zazzle saying that all those works are in violation of policy and will be removed, we pointed out that that is official game art, that the client is the owner of the license for the game, that the contract allows T. to sell prints and that the pieces have no relation whatsoever to the HBO show, so there was no infringiment of copyright.

They answered today that HBO asked them to remove offending materials (well within their rights) and hubby's prints will stay out of Zazzle until HBO tells them they are OK.
As if...

So an official license from the owner of the I.P. doesn't matter...unless the owners of a totally different license say so.

BTW, we do understand Zazzle's position, they are plaing it as safe as they can to avoid the possibility of legal consequences, what I can't stand is a company setting a blanket ban on an I.P. even though the products in case have noting whatsoever to do with their share of the license.
I've been enjoying a lot the posts that keep popping up about women warriors, today I saw this study of Red Sonja by Donato Giancola and I almost fell off my chair

Here's the original post on the Muddy Colors blog (well worth following if you love art and illustration, in my opinion).

By the way I've always had a soft spot for studies and sketches drawn with sanguine and white pencil...



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