Jan. 22nd, 2008 03:19 pm

June the 1st 1994-January the 22nd 2008
I've been slack with posting this week, but hubby and I got a week off work and it was spent mostly relaxing, with the cell phones off, the alarm clock hidden and no pre-made plans (more on that later).

Shikari is growing, he is well and lively, according to the vet he should be 2 months and ten days old (nine and a half weeks), he now weights 1.5 kilos (more than 3 lbs) and has recently discovered the third dimension. I'd never seen a kitten do free-climbing on a wall before, or jump from an armchair to a sofa using a pillar to get precisely the right momentum, maybe we should propose him for casting in an HongKong action movie...

He is following us everywhere to study what we do, can't resist pouncing on the adults (or everything that moves, really),loves fish (the only one of the four)and seems determined to kill the little cat-tree we have (cat-sapling, really).

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another one

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and 'the mad cat'.

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The kitten is doing really well: his cold is almost done, he's eating and growing (I could almost swear I *see* him growing from one hour to the next).

He wants to explore and to know everything that happens around him, he's eating well and is using the litter-box like a pro.

Yesterday, with his 'big, mean cat' number he scared the two females away from the room ;-), today they spent some time together without even the shadow of an hiss.

He's still confined to the guest room, but only because our main room is really large (it takes up most of the house) and we don't want to leave him there without supervision. We'll start to let him out for short periods in a few days' time, though.

Here are some new photos, this one was taken yesterday.

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And this today

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A few minutes ago, as he was falling asleep on and trying to watch us at the same time.

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I think I'm smitten...



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