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Today I had my last encounter with students taking part in my 'Mille Gru' (senbatsuru) school activity.
The thing is split in two two-hour 'labs', as we call them. In the first I introduce the life of Sasaki Sadako and a bit of origami history, then teach them how to fold origami cranes, with the aim to send a senbatsuru (a garland composed of 1000 paper cranes) to the Peace Museum in Hiroshima.

A couple of months later we have an haiku lab. First I introduce the haiku as a poetry form (with examples, of course), then the students, with my input and assistence, build their own lists of kigo, based on season-relevant elements for our part of the country. The students then experiment with writing haiku and, in the last part of the excercise, they read their works and I suggest revisions.The students will keep working on haiku with the help of their Literature or English teachers and some haiku will be 'incorporated' in the senbatsuru  .

Often there are very lively discussions, today's group (a 'seconda media' class, seventh graders for my American friends), were very creative and bold, not already constricted, as has happened with others, by the frames of European 'classical' poetry (which I love, but may be an hindrance in experiencing haiku if you believe that 'poetry has to rhyme'). Here is an example of today's kigo list (interestingly, in each and every group I worked with someone suggested 'Halloween' for autumn)

Today's discussion made me think about how much seasonal associations depend on one's activities and obligations.

'freedom' is a summer kigo
for students

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In effetti lo sento più invernale, ma è venuto fuori stamattina durante un laboratorio di haiku in una terza media, da uno spunto di una delle ragazze.

tracce di gocce
sui vetri appannati
lachrimae rerum

Taken from [ profile] ysabetwordsmith 

Haiku Birdwatching Meme

1) Watch for birds today.
Write a haiku about one or more birds you have seen.
3) Post it on your blog.
4) Encourage other people to do the same and to reply with a link.
5) Enjoy the poems flitting around the Internet. Maybe you'll find one that you want to put in your pocket.

Here is mine:

Busy magpies
making an early start
for double-seven?

(magpies in Chinese tradition are bearers of good news, derived from their role of messengers to the Weaver and the Cowherd on the Double-Seven feast).

Anyone else is playing?
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Not really, I'll go for 5-7-5 only if I were writing in classical form and in Japanese (a language I sadly do not know) or, sometimes, in Italian. English has a more spare structure, most 5-7-5 written in English sound bulky or awkward.

Forgotten chores,
In the Christmas sky
first-burning star.



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