The gaming world, that is, if things go according to plan.

Both hubby and I are Magic the Gathering players (nothing more competitive than the basic tournaments held by our local game store), and illustrating for Magic is a long cherished dream of his.
So hubby has decided to work on portfolio pieces for submission to Wizards of the Coast, offering his own take on iconic cards, first in line is Royal Assassin

A couple of details

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Hubby's contact in Fantasy Flight Games asked their legal department about Zazzle's 'infringment of copyright' claims, the results are in:

It appears that HBO owns ALL rights to 'A Game of Ice and Fire' merchandising, no matter what. Fantasy Flight's products are protected but, even though they have a pre-existing license, own the art and granted artists the right to sell prints of the commissioned art in their contracts...

...if the artists actually do so they are in breach of HBO rights.

Unless they remove any reference to the IP in the titles and blurbs, for instance turning 'so and so' named character into 'knight'. 

Honestly for a split second I thought it was a joke, it feels like we have landed in Kafka-land
I've been enjoying a lot the posts that keep popping up about women warriors, today I saw this study of Red Sonja by Donato Giancola and I almost fell off my chair

Here's the original post on the Muddy Colors blog (well worth following if you love art and illustration, in my opinion).

By the way I've always had a soft spot for studies and sketches drawn with sanguine and white pencil...



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