Paper Mage

May. 1st, 2012 10:32 pm
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Thanks to this post by [ profile] haikujaguar I learned that Paper Mage is now available as an ebook, I had read of it some time ago and was intrigued, I don't know of many Chinese-themed fantasy books and the idea of one where a mage folded paper to do magic, bringing back origami to its Chinese roots intrigued me even more.

I started Paper Mage yesterday, and finished it a short time ago.

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A friend commissioned an origami door ornament from me, she wanted something in spring colors for Easter.

I'm offering to make some more ornaments like this in colors of the client's choice within the range I have available (pinks, blues, yellow-orange, purple and others). The big half-sphere is 6 inches across, the small one is 3.2.

Each ornament will be 15 euros (or 20 dollars), payable through Paypal, I'll cover materials and shipping costs. Every cent from the sale will go for quake relief in Japan , I'll send to each contributor a copy of the donation receipt.

Signal boosts are appreciated. :)
With Christmas fast approaching I'm practicing more than ever (the 'Christmas' Kusudama will have their own post later on), in the meanwhile, it dawned on me that, besides being hung as spheres, the kusudama units can have other interesting uses, for instance half a sphere...

could be a nice desk ornament )

And this is my first serious modular origami.  )
Last year I began learning origami. it started as an idea for activities that could be offered to schools and summer / afternoon activities centers, linked to my main field (strictly speaking China, where BTW the art of folding paper originated, but more and more expanding towards Japan too).

I'm not really interested (at least for now) in the complexity of origami, models like Wall-E  or these incredible insects fill me with awe, but do not tempt me as a goal.

What I really like to learn are simple models that can be toys or house decorations,things that even someone who has never folded before can learn in the two hours that are my usual workshop time.
That's why I fell in love with kusudama, here's my very first one

Kusudama  means medicine ball, an origami one is the  paper imitation (possibly born as a substitute) of  a sphere made of flowers. This one was an experiment, but as soon as some paper I've ordered arrives, I'll fold more in red, green and gold as Christmas decorations for this year.  

I can't wait.

P.S. Sorry for missing the Ming Li update this week, real life got in the way (no, it wasn't the kusudama's fault ;-) )



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