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On May the 20th Italy was hit by a 6.0 Richter earthquake centered between Ferrara and Modena, there were 7 dead and heavy losses both of monuments of historical relevance and of farms and factories (as usual here, often small and medium-sized family owned businnesses), the seismic swarm has been going on for the whole week.
Yesterday there was the burial of the last two victims, damages had been checked, people had started coming back to take what belongings they could and assess what rebuilding and repairing needs to be done, some went back to their houses after they had been certified safe, most people this morning went back to work.

And at 9.03 this morning the quake hit again, at an intensity of 5.8 on the Richter scale, the first shock has been felt as far away as Vienna, then we had two more shocks around 1 PM, one of those went on for 30 seconds.
Ten people are known to have died, seven more are unaccounted for or are being dug out from the rubble (one worker under the rubble of an industrial building was alive and talking to the rescuers over his cell-phone).

 Experts are speculating that this series of quakes is due to the formation of a new fault, most of us are just frightened.
A friend commissioned an origami door ornament from me, she wanted something in spring colors for Easter.

I'm offering to make some more ornaments like this in colors of the client's choice within the range I have available (pinks, blues, yellow-orange, purple and others). The big half-sphere is 6 inches across, the small one is 3.2.

Each ornament will be 15 euros (or 20 dollars), payable through Paypal, I'll cover materials and shipping costs. Every cent from the sale will go for quake relief in Japan , I'll send to each contributor a copy of the donation receipt.

Signal boosts are appreciated. :)



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