If you are into roleplaying or fantasy art it's very likely you have at least heard of Larry Elmore, he is the one who did the famous D&D red box and set the tone for D&D art for years.
He is also a very personable and approachable guy, bot T. and I were stunned by his friendliness and down-to-earth attitude a few years ago when we met him at GenCon.

The news is that he is planning to do a full-color art book including most of his pieces, and is crowdfunding it through Kickstarter.
(it's already a few times above the set sum), it's good to see more and more established creatives taking the crowdfunded route.

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marina_bonomi: (argh)
Guess the 4th edition wasn't the cat's pajamas after all?

When the 4th came out we looked at it and then kept on playing 3rd, we enjoy the story not just killing monsters and grabbing loot and 4th ed. felt like a tabletop version of WoW, an attempt to entice MMORPG players into tabletop gaming.

Before that, I and hubby had followed the news about the development, and, among other things, hated the very amatourish-looking ads that promoted 4th ed. as the best ever after a series of very flawed attempts.
Come on, whose bright idea was that? Were it true, why should I give you more of my money if A) it took you four tries to get it right, and B) you knowingly sold me something you yourself say it's unplayable?

And now here they go again...

This grognard isn't amused. Thinking about it, the edition I enjoyed most was Advanced D&D, THAC0 and all, it may just be time for a bit of retro-gaming.



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